Asses Of Face Destruction 7

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The lucky seventh edition of Roman Video’s ASSES OF FACE DESTRUCTION offers five fabulous new scenarios of hot and harsh ass-to-mouth grindfests featuring German lesbians Laila and Thatty demonstrating their uncompromising teutonic tongue-to-hole stylings, as well as stirring installments starring Flower Tucci, Alexis Texas and Kirra Lynne that each start out with engagingly raunchy nasty talk and butt-spreading aimed directly at the camera lens before segueing to the sight of these fabulous femmes dominating their favorite wimps with nothing but their asses, pussies… and very dirty minds. The disc includes photo galleries and trailers. Scene one: Kirra Lynne is a gap-toothed blonde with fine hairs on her ass-cheeks and a little girl voice. She ass-dominates the viewer from an intimate POV angle, “looking straight up into my ass,” as she taunts. “C’mon slave, look at your new home, deep in between the ass cheeks of Ms. Kirra Lynne,” she says, spreading her cheeks. Wearing nothing but latex stockings and high-heels, she drags her personal slave on-screen by his leash and stands above his prone face, jiggling her cheeks and oh-so slowly giving him what he craves: A face full of big, quivering gluteus maximus. The mouthy hardbody mistress proceeds to relentlessly fuck his tongue with her pussy, before standing up and pressing her tits against the mirror and her ass against his face. Scene two: Laila and Thatty are German lesbians whose shared hobby is the latter perching on the formers blonde, freckled mug until there’s nothing to breath but cunt. When the scene opens, Thatty is on top, taunting her gal pal as she sits naked except for a bra and some tattoos, holding Laila’s wrists and hair as she grinds her nose and mouth into her spread labia. She drags her all around the bed, relentlessly jamming her pubic mound into her girlfriends gasping mouth until she gets off. Scene three: When the first thing you see in a scene is a POV shot up Alexis Texas’s rolling thighs and straight into the meaty pussy she’s spreading for your edification, you know you’re in the right place. “Let me touch my titties, make them hard for you,” she suggests, tweaking the nipples on her fat, full breasts. Then she faces the wall and starts bouncing her cheeks at the camera, faster and faster. Presently she spanks herself, then spreads her cheeks and tells us to stick our faces, “down deep in that Texas crack.” Finally, ardent seat cushion Aaron shows up, and provides Alexis with a resting place as she watches herself in the bathroom mirror and squirms around, all the better to give his tongue access to the juiciest depths of her ass. On the bed, Aaron’s wrists are restrained so he has nothing to please his mistress with but his face. How does he do? “You’re going to make me cum from eating my face, you filthy pig!” Alexis hisses as she rubs her anus up and down his probing tongue. Scene four: Laila and Thatty return, but this time its Laila’s turn to sit on Thatty’s face and use it to rub out several orgasms against. Laila gets her vengeance for Thatty’s cavalier use of her mouth in the previous scene, at one point sitting on her neck until Thatty’s eyes roll up and she yells out. Before she can even get her breath, her gal pal is splitting her fat, engorged labia open against her nose and grinding her cunthole against her mouth. Laila finds several ways to put most of her body’s weight on Thatty’s face, using her pussy as the fulcrum. Scene five: “I’m Flower Tucci, and I’m gonna kick your fucking face in with my big fucking ass,” says Flower, snarling at the camera before turning around and working her massive cheeks at the camera. “You think you can get away from my big fucking ass? There’s no place to run, you sick motherfucker, I want you to cram your fucking face right into my fucking asscrack. You smell all that cum in my ass? My dirty fucking ass? And when I get up, you know what you’re going to say? Thank you, Miss Tucci, for letting me breathe. Because air is fucking valuable.” Who are we to argue? The legendary blonde bombshell does an amazing job of POV ass-domination before going to the closet and dragging out bald, naked and leashed Hugo, her favorite slaveboy. She drags him over to the staircase, and sits on his face relentlessly, finally turning around to give his mouth full pussy access, but with the threat that he’d better make that pussy cum or else. Sitting reverse-cowgirl on his face, Flower is kind enough to wrap the leash around Hugo’s hard little cock and give it several tugs. Finally she throws him on the floor, crosses her legs, and lets him lick away at her as long as he can hold his breath. Which turns out to be quite awhile!

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