Facesitters In Heat Volume 34

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These women are demanding, and they don’t want anything other than a “yes mistress, so for submissives that aren’t completely submissive, you might get more than you bargained for. You might get a Facesitter in heat!

Scene 1 – Hot blonde MILF Mistress Austin Taylor stands fully naked and in command before you. You’re eager to comply when she orders you to your knees and tells you to bury your face in her pussy and ass in this blisteringly intense POV. She spreads open her thick pussy lips for your tongue, and then bends over so you can plunge deep into her asshole.

Later, after using Slave Max as her TV remote control, she orders him to undress her and WORSHIP HER ASS. She makes him tell her how beautiful her ass is. He pushes his face into the softness of her buttocks, kneads them, and begs for more. His eagerness to please turns her on as much as his tongue lapping her holes.

Mistress Austin FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS him, bouncing her bum on his face and enjoying his struggle to breathe. She makes him lick her pussy, and then stuffs her thick pussy lips into his mouth. She bounces her butt on his outstretched tongue.

She SMOTHERS him with ass as she stretches out on top of him. As he struggles for air, she makes him take out his engorged cock. She strokes it with her feet as he suffocates under her full weight.

Please with his suffering, Mistress Austin jerks him off while she SIDE-SADDLE FACESITS as he slurps at her clit. After he cums, she rides him hard, grinding and bouncing on his mouth until she EXPLODES.

Scene 2 – Mistress Madison Rose is a surly and demanding mistress. She lies back and invites you to please her pussy in this POV. Quickly she revokes her pussy privileges and gives you her sweaty ass instead. She shakes and bounces her meaty cheeks in your face and orders you to stick your tongue deep inside her. She commands you to jerk off and counts down until you cum.

Later, Mistress Madison rides her broken slave Rich like a PONY. She grinds her wet pussy on his back before bending over her bed. She orders him to WORSHIP her sweaty ASS. He enthusiastically licks and sucks her cheeks and butthole.

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