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We know you love ass. Serving ass is you reason for living. But if you also have a penchant for tits, this video was made for you.

Scene One begins with a heavenly POV of sultry Mistress Sinnamon Love. She SMOTHERS you with her big, squeezable boobs, opens her pussy for your tongue, and spreads her ass cheeks wide, all while taunting you seductively.

Then to the living room where Slave Ryan is already lying on the floor, waiting for Mistress Sinnamon’s ass to descend on his face. He gets his wish in a head pounding SIDE SADDLE FACESITTING session. Sinnamon laughs as he gasps for breath. She gets on her side and crunches Ryan’s head between her thighs, before maneuvering him to a full REVERSE FACESITTING position.

She yanks him up by his leash to WORSHIP HER ASS on the couch. She spreads her cheeks to give his tongue total access to her asshole. He laps hungrily before she grabs his head and shoves it into her butt for more smothering. Then she rattles his brain by repeatedly slamming her butt into his face. Then more FACESITTING, with such intense grinding and bouncing that Sinnamon CUMS like a bomb!

Scene Two brings you up close to the totally naked beauty of Mistress Carmella Bing. She orders you to your knees so you can properly worship her. She teases you with her HUGE TITS, then shows you the hot pussy and tight ass that you can never have. She shakes her butt in your face and laughs at you with disdain.

On to the bedroom where Carmella is already fully smothering Slave Brandon, ignoring his struggle for breath while she talks to her girlfriend on the phone. She hangs up and orders her slave to make her cum quickly so she can go out and spend his money. He licks her pussy frantically, but Carmella is less than impressed. She turns around and feeds him her asshole, jiggling her butt and squeezing his head between her thighs.

Slave Brandon is practically driven to tears as she criticizes his feeble attempts to please her. She commands him to indulge her with more FACESITTING, REVERSE FACESITTING and ASS WORSHIP. Her giant tits wobble wildly as she grinds and bounces on his puffy face. She brings the session to an end with a thorough ASS TONGUING.

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