Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 12

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How much cum can one unlucky husband consume? Would you believe 5 GOOEY LOADS? Gorgeous blonde wife Holly Foxxx masturbates in up-close POV as she yearns for a BIG COCK to fill her neglected pussy. She tells you just how pathetic her worthless husband is and how tiny his dick is.

She releases husband Jimmy from the under-the-stairs cubbyhole where he’s compelled to sleep, and makes him WORSHIP HER ASS AND PUSSY. She torments him and his CHASTITY DEVICE bound penis, before sending him off to work.

While her wimpy husband is away, Holly invites studly lover Shane over for the afternoon. As they KISS deeply, she rips down his pants to reveal a MASSIVE ERECTION! She praises his cock as she runs her hands over it and finally takes it in her mouth.

Husband Jimmy returns to find his wife giving this stranger a BLOWJOB. She orders him to undress and kiss her feet while she services this real man. Bewildered wuss that he is, Jimmy complies. He can only watch helplessly as Holly’s mouth is stretched by this clearly superior cock. He tries to protest but she and her new lover laugh at him and VERBALLY HIM.

Jimmy continues WORSHIPPING HER FEET, even when Shane slams his giant cock into his wife’s tight pussy. Holly moans with ecstasy as she’s finally FUCKED BY A BIG DICK. She angrily twists her husband’s tiny, chastity locked weenie, making him cry.

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