Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 8

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Wedding bells are ringing! Your favorite cuckoldress, This video has almost all the psychological factors of cuckolding involved. In this video we go back in time to when Harmony was still dating Freddy just before they are about to get married… and their lives will never be the same.Harmony’s fiancée, Freddy, can’t wait to tie the knot today. But as they lie in bed, Harmony lets him know she has a few conditions. Like being able to fuck other guys starting with Freddy’s best friend and best man, Donny.Freddy is the monogamous type. He rejects the idea, but a few minutes of Harmony’s mouth on his cock changes his mind. He pleads for Harmony to let him fuck her before the ceremony. With a sigh of disgusted resignation, she agrees. Freddy excitedly mounts her from behind and slams his dick into her pussy with all his might. “Is it in?” she asks, unable to even feel his puny dick. Freddy moans and groans as he pounds her, but Harmony can barely contain her boredom.She decides to call Donny while her husband is fucking her. Her face lights up when Donny answers the phone. Freddy is compelled to listen to his soon-to-be wife tell his best man that she can’t wait for Donny to fuck her with his huge cock… while he’s still fucking her! Before he can cum, Harmony hangs up and shoves Freddy off her.Now it’s time to get ready for the wedding. The chastity device is locked onto his dick, then Freddy gets to his hands and knees to become a human bench so Harmony can sit at the mirror and apply her make-up. (1.46 GB)

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