Introducing…Cuckold Rob

Introducing…Cuckold Rob

Rob thinks that this is just like any other time that his Holly is taking black seed from studs. Her innocent demeanor gives the impression of the good office woman by day and the black whore at night. Holly doesn’t disappoint either. She immediately takes Danny in her mouth and they are in a 69 position damn fast. He pounds her and pounds her pinning her white wife legs over her head like all men want to fuck a woman. Here is the kicker…..he nuts big time in her pussy and thick. ROB? ROB!!

Your turn Rob. Get over here Rob and clean this cum out of my pussy. Your new job is to watch BLACK men make me their cum dump and you are my, ”do as I say,” clean it all out with your tongue hubby. He does his new job well…lapping away at the superior black man’s seed in his wife’s pussy. DAMN HOT!!! Danny could not get enough of Holly…well hell, who can ever get enough of the queen of interracial creampies and to top it all off she is a work by day white wife. Her legs are like butter whenever he is around her and makes HUBBY ROB film as usual her adventures. HE never knows what the hell is going on till the last minute. Cuckold

Holly has him on a tight leash and exercises that new option here again. He thinks that the last time he was film cuckold was his only cameo appearance but whoa…hell no. When Danny has bent her like a pretzel every way with his black cock stroking the hell out of her he pumps his nuts out into her womb. She immediately makes Danny take the camera and orders Rob to get sloppy mouth seconds while she is still in the doggy position that she received seed from to begin with. Once she gets ROB’s mouth wide open she squeezes as hard as she can to reverse flow the thick black cum in her onto to ROB’s face. The facial she gives ROB with another mans cum rivals the BEST we have ever seen. Son of a Bitch….she abused his ass totally. Double hardon quality here with this new wave video material.

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