Les Copines De Ma Mere 2

64khc53xf48i - Les Copines De Ma Mere 2

w9pqoodurgu1 - Les Copines De Ma Mere 2

Max is pretty lucky. His mother instructed him during his absence to greet his girlfriends in case they arrived unexpectedly. Max loves his mother a lot, but his mother especially likes to get laid in the sordid cellar of their city with the local plumber. So there is Shana, a busty blonde Cougar who eats cock every day for breakfast and who will make short work of Max, the latter putting it deep in her ass before she leaves. And then Katy, an incendiary and anally voracious redhead. Max is going to fuck her in a very romantic way on the living room floor. Definitely, the friends of Max’s mother are sacred old sluts. Ah, if they could come more often!

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