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Welcome to our new reality series “Cheaters”. Led by private detective and moderator Conny Dachs, cases of marital fraud are uncovered and recorded on video for you and the cheated partner. It starts with tattoo bride Samy Fox. The cream cake has long suspected that her husband is fucking Dominic. Be there live when our team catches the whore buck inflagranti with the big-titted Manu Magnum. The next victim: Mr. Schindler, does his wife Jenny actually let the greasy, often conspicuous, gynecologist Dr. G. bang? See for yourself! Pouty lips, atomic tits and a hot chassis – that’s Ms. Walter. After her husband’s bankruptcy, the poor girl has to go back to work and the first thing to do is throw herself at her boss! But her husband Dennis smelled the roast and is on the trail of the bitch with our support! Finally, the plump Samy Fox brings the barrel to overflow again. As soon as the last relationship is over, the insidious slut cheats on her new lover with an anorexic smear rag. After extensive all-round treatment, the bitch can fire the fat into the mouth cunt with full force, just as we burst with the camera right into the action … Have, have fun!

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