Granny Knows Best – Sally D’Angelo

I stay at step-'s quite often when I'm home from college (what a looker she is), but this particular morning was quite an embarrassment. I don't get a lot of pussy, so I whack off often. I was wanking so hard that I hurt my cock and let out a loud moan. Yep, Granny heard me and barged right in, thinking I had hurt myself. There I was, full staff, with my dick in my hand (I can't deny what I was doing as she caught me), so yes, , I was jacking off, and my cock was so hard it got a cramp in it. I'm sorry to disturb you. She was really cool about the situation and offered to rub the cramp out. My cock gets harder and harder, and Granny suggests “Granny's home remedy for blue balls” . We fuck and fuck; we fuck so that I cum twice, well, Granny Knows Best!

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