Kristyna Dark After Sex Machine

dxt3w228cvqn - Kristyna Dark After Sex Machine

wc3jp0cy6my5 - Kristyna Dark After Sex Machine

Kristyn was part of our continuing scientific research into the effects of sex machine on MILF’s. We could write a book on how she took to the machine, especially the large rotating cock. The old man director wanted to fuck this hottie after the research session but her pussy was worn out. So the 84 years old man invited her to come back the next day and help him out. They are on the couch and he can not wait to get his hands inside her blouse and play with her beautiful, big tits. He got to play with them when she was on the sex machine but this is so much better. He reaches down to play with her pussy and surprise, no panties. Her pussy is already wet and juicy. She rubs her pussy as he play with her tits. This is one hot MILF. She asks if she could suck on his cock. It was not sure because his cock is soft and tiny because he is so old and forgot to take that blue pill. She says she does not mind, she just wants to repay him for the ride on the sex machine the day before. She said that was the best fuck she had ever had. She gets between his legs and starts sucking away on his cock. It may not be hard but to the old guy it feels very good. She sucks, licks his balls and almost makes him cum. Not to be denied, the old guy bends her over the arm of the couch, oils up his cock and her ass cheeks and starts rubbing his cock between her butt cheeks. Now the old man gets to work. She likes the feel of his cock on her asshole and pussy. He loves her butt and keeps grinding away. He cums all over her butt and back, not a lot of cum but hey, it is an old guy and it feels just like when he came when he was a young man. He is thinking about maybe doing more research with her. (370.01 MB)

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