Polyamory – Sally D’Angelo

My husband has always wanted to try swinging, and I have always had a hunch it was because he was unfaithful to me and he wants me to even the score. I’m not sure, but that’s my hunch. Yes, I always play the game with him in bed (you know the game), agree with his fantasy, and make the sex hot. “Oh yes, baby, let your buddy fuck me hard and make me a whore,” makes him extra hot, thinking another guy is in his wife’s pussy (makes me hot too), but I never really ever wanted it to happen. It’s just a fucking game, nothing more. All couples play it. Until it happens, that is. Oh my God, what am I going to do now that a black man is on his way here to screw me? Just fuck me like a whore with no strings attached! Omg, maybe I will do it. Nah, nah, nah, not me, but it does sound quite naughty. I’ve always just wanted to fuck a guy. No husband or kids to worry about. Just fuck him and fuck him hard. I may just like Polyamory.

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