The Ultimate Birthday Present

ik5m8zoyrnxa - The Ultimate Birthday Present

ogw3syuwk71n - The Ultimate Birthday Present

Frank finds himself alone on his birthday and is upset. His friends have set up a surprise for him though. They have told Seka of his situation and she has a sure fire method to make sure it is a birthday to remember. She shows up at Frank’s door and provides this black bull her pussy and mouth to be used for his pleasure. Seka starts by teasing him and sucking his big black cock. The action moves quickly to the bedroom from here and Frank takes Seka for a hard fuck ride in a few of his favorite positions. When he is ready to cum Seka greedily sucks his black cock dry and licks up any spills. Frank tells Seka he has never been fucked so good and thanks her for being such a great birthday present.

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