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Cory has just started to make her grocery list when her son sneaks up behind her with his hard cock. “Put that away, oh my god” Cory yells in disgust, unsure of what else to say. “Come on, touch it” He tells her. Cory screams at him, “You’re my son, I can’t do things like that with you” and tries to fight him off. “Honey please no” Cory pleads with her son. In a tight purple dress, Cory was about to go out with friends until her son throws her to the couch and pulls off her clothes. She’s naked and exposed, to be fucked by her son’s raging cock. Cory isn’t safe from her son. Every time he feels the need he takes her and fucks her, whenever where ever he pleases. Her tight pussy is for him to use. He fucks and cums inside her, leaving her to wipe away her tears. “Mom are you ok?” Vanessa asks walking in and seeing her mom upset. Cory says “Just be careful around your brother ok” Vanessa is in her bed crying when her brother comes in to make it up to her. “Go away” She yells at him. He slides in behind her and kisses her neck. “Not again” She pleads and kicks as he pulls off her clothes and pulls her face onto his cock. (579.36 MB)

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