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My wife is out of control, she’s been fucking other men since we were dating many years ago, it started out as casual flings ( something I thought would pass) but it kept getting more and more frequent, then one day she started bringing them home and fucking them right in front of me. To make a long story short my daughter questioned me one day “Dad why are those strange men taking mom to the bedroom” and spending hours in there? I had to tell her, “honey I’m a CUCKOLD husband.” What’s that Dad she asked. Your mother has sex with whomever she chooses and I have to let her, I know dear, it’s not for everyone but your mother just cannot be satisfied by one man and her tastes are BLACK MEN with huge COCKS, I figured that would be the end of the discussion and I never dreamed my daughter would confront her stepmom about this until one day I was made to watch them both FUCK a BIG BLACK COCK and lick up the CUM right in front of my own baby girl, how humiliating, like mother like daughter.

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