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After the show ended at the woodshed we went to a bar to unwind from the night’s shenanigans. A few hours and lots of cheesy pickup lines later I talked Luna into coming back to my place for the night. We slipped in as quietly as possible and poured ourselves into the bed. Luna is such an insatiable buttslut it wasn’t long before she was sucking my cock and slipping it into her twizzler flavored asshole. Violet Monroe: I really wanted the beach house for some fun this summer so I came up with a plan and caught Daddy alone one afternoon. Daddy has a hard time resisting me when he thinks I’m in the mood so I had his full attention. Olivia Kasady: I finally just couldn’t wait any longer. I went in to the living room where daddy was watching TV and sat next to him. I shyly told him what I was after then took a chance and started rubbing his cock.. (1.34 GB)
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