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Freya Von Doom: One night Daddy and Uncle Jay asked me to play poker with them. Daddy folded first and stormed off to bed. I had a Full House so I was sure I was gonna win, but I had no more money. Teasingly I offered my top, but Uncle Jay had 4 aces. I went double or nothing for my bottoms and ended up naked. That’s when it got weird. I found myself offering sexual favors in hopes I’d lose and I did. Within minutes my fantasies of my uncles cock came to life as we pleased each other orally. He entered my tiny pussy right there on the counter then I wrapped my arms around his neck while riding him. Uncle Jay spun me onto the poker table and really pounded me hard. I’m surprised my moans didn’t wake Daddy especially when Uncle Jay exploded inside me.

Maria Jade: Every week we have a family game night. This week mom was gone so Daddy decided to make it poker night. We played a few rounds and my brother lost so he left early for work. Daddy went all in on the final hand and that’s when everything came together. I offered my shirt to make up the difference and Daddy was stunned. A few hands late and he was right where I wanted him, starting at my naked body. Before he could protest I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Daddy took me right there on the poker table and it was better than I ever imagined. Daddy fucked me so hard I came like crazy on his cock. Unfortunately that’s all it took for him to cum inside me at the same time. I’m not on the pill so I don’t know what I should do.

Emma Evins: It’s another family PokeHer night and while I was in the shower Jason and Daddy played to see who would be poking me. Apparently Daddy’s bad luck streak continued for another week so my brother would be the one I got to play with. According to tradition the loser has to watch the show so my brother and I really rubbed it in. Jason went down on me while I stared at Daddy with a longing look on my face letting him know I wished he had won. My brother fucks like crazy but he’s nowhere as gentle as Dad. I came several times from the thought of Daddy watching me ride my brother’s cock until he couldn’t hold back and plastered my bush. Daddy seemed pretty upset, maybe I’ll see him later with a consolation prize. (1.8 GB)

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