Memoirs Of Bad Mommies Vol. 20

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When a stepson is the star of the sports team, you have to be careful around the house to keep him happy. “Watch what you’re doing!” Levi says to the stepmother as she tries to get the house cleaned up for guests. “You don’t want me to get injured before the game.” She needs help moving the coffee table, and Levi sees an opportunity to play a game of his own.

“Oh, I think I cramped up or pulled something” At first she did not believe him, but then she got concerned. What would she do if he did injure himself and was unable to play? Soon manipulations become apparent, and this twosome gets everything they want out of a passionate exchange.

Later on, two ladies are having a martini when Sadie confesses to Jodi that there are a few problems in the bed room. Jodi says she is surprised they are even trying and that she has given up having sex with her husband, and has a young stud come in to fulfill her every want.

“My husband is almost 50! There is no way he can satisfy me. But this young man is virile, and does what I tell him to do!” Sadie can’t believe it, so Jodi calls the 21 year old into the room. Soon she is showing Sadie how large his penis is, and then Jodi decides to use that hard cock her own needs. Sadie watches as Jodi gets on her knees and starts to get taken in a variety of positions. She sucks on his member until stream after stream of thick cum sprays into her awaiting mouth and lips.

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