Cory Chase In My Three Sons

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Cory has some important news to tell her three boys. “I got fired from my teaching job,” she says. “What are you going to do?” they ask her. They start to give her suggestions as to what she could do for money. One son suggests what about dancing. The boys each pull out some money for their and watch as she slowly takes off her clothes. Cory’s never felt so naughty as her sons watch her strip. She takes their money and puts it in her tight stockings as she gives one son a lap dance. Cory pulls him into his bedroom for a private show. Twenty minutes later the other boys walk in to see what’s taking so long. Their shocked to see their sucking their brother off. One son yells, “You’re supposed to give him a lap dance not suck his dick!” They drag her back to the living room. “If you’re going to do that, then you’re going to do it for all of us!” Soon Cory is facing the large cocks of all three of her sons as she sucks them all. Cory moans from being spit roasted by them, pounding her from both ends. The sons switch back and forth, never letting Cory have a free second from their relentless fucking (925.21 )

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