The Old Man’s New Caregiver

higcakx5lwyt - The Old Man's New Caregiver

sj6t4kcztxk3 - The Old Man's New Caregiver

This big titted gal was almost more than the old man could handle. When the new caregiver showed up he was excited to see the large tits on this blond. She was fixing lunch in the kitchen and of course he could not keep his hands off of her, she did not seem to really mind or was it because she really needed the job. Before long he has her on the couch playing with her really large and lovely tits. If you remember the old man from his previous caregivers he really likes small tits on young girls but he might change is mind after this hottie. Soon enough, she is naked and playing with his kind of small cock, (hey he is 89) and does not hesitate to start sucking on it. They end up in his bed with some handjob action, rubbing his cock on her massive tits, licking her pussy, just a lot of action for an old guy. As usual the old guy can not get a full on hard on so he oils up her hot asscheeks and starts rubbing his cock between her cheeks. He shoots a pretty good load on her hot ass and both seem to be pretty happy.

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