Facesitters In Heat Volume 36

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You’re the disobedient bitch-boy slave of Mistress Austin Taylor in her ultra-close POV scene. Austin Taylor is a blonde bombshell who personifies the word thick. Her phat ass deserves to be licked all over. She sits on a bar stool and teases you with glimpses of her pussy behind pink panties. But you only deserve her asshole, so she turns and rubs and bounces her ass in your face. Later, Slave Max sneaks into Mistress Austin’s bedroom where she’s napping. He hopes to steal her whip so she won’t beat him with it, but she wakes up and catches him in the act. She punishes him cruelly, makes him crawl on the floor before climbing onto her bed where she proceeds to smother him under her panty clad pussy. She thinks it’s cute when he can’t breathe.When she allows him air, she makes him stretch his tongue to lick her. She beats his face with her big breasts and tit smothers him. She side-saddle facesits him while verbally humiliating him in the worst possible ways.

She crushes his head under her full weight as she facesits and reverse facesits. Despite his fear of her, Slave Max can’t help but jerk his engorged cock. Austin is quick to punish him for that, threatening him with her whip. She’s the only one getting pleasure today. She grinds on his mouth mercilessly until she cums.Scene Two – Mistress AJ Applegate tells you right off the bat to get on your knees and worship her. She shakes her beautiful firm buttocks in your face, then strips out of her bra and panties. She laughs at you as you eagerly lick her pussy and ass. She mocks your obedience by threatening to suffocate you.Later, Mistress AJ tells her leashed slave Chad how horny she is. She holds him down on her big bed and heavily sits on his face. She moans ecstatically as she makes him tongue her holes. She facesits and reverse facesits, jiggling her butt on his head and pinching his nipples while he excitedly jerks off.She viciously slaps his cock as she rides his face, which only turns him on. She gets doggy style and orders him to worship her ass. He sticks his tongue deep in her asshole as he fingers her pussy. She flips him over and uses his face as a chair.His passionate ass-licking makes her explode. After she abuses his cock some more, he cums too

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