Insatiable Smother

Star Chandler has one of her favorite slaves, the unfortunate alix, wrapped up on duct tape and a pantyhose hood. “We're going to see how long you can go without air today,” she informs him. “And just when you think I've gone too far…I'm going to go farther.” Star, unusually enough, wears pantyhose and panties as she smashes her twat into his vulnerable noggin. “First we're going to go for two minutes without air,” she warns as she plants her beauteous bum on his face. She rocks there steadily, not allowing him to gasp the tiniest morsel of air, counting out the time. You can imagine the state he's in by the end! But she finds his obedience less than complete, so she subjects him to further breathless passages…each one longer than the last. It all turns into a game you can play along with at home: Can you hold your breath as long as slave alix? We doubt it. But here's the catch: Alix doesn't have any choice! When she squishes his skull between her thunderous thighs (a Star specialty), he groans like one of the creaking doors at the Haunted Mansion. His gurgles and moans tell you that he is experiencing absolutely exquisite agony. She flips around, pushing his face into her crotch, while increasing the pressure. “You're still struggling, my dear,” Star complains. “Not a good thing at all. Seems I am going to have to take some more of your energy away…” And so she aims her butt squarely on his face, shoving his nose deep inside the crack. No way she's gonna let even the tiniest breath slip in there! “I teach you to agree with me on all levels, even in your subconscious,” Star demands. “You cannot even have the barest thought of disobeying me. All instinct for self-preservation MUST be erased.”

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