Color Climax Bestsellers 239

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Color Climax Bestsellers 239 presents a cast of sexy women in eight short films from the golden age of porn. Some are pregnant, but all are big and beautiful. Pregnant Lust A young lady in her seventh month of pregnancy is visited by her two fuck friends. They groan as they touch her belly and then, oh so carefully, they pump her and spread their fluids over her belly. The Baby Man – The fat supermother Big Mama has an unusual fetish – she only gets turned on when the guy suckles her like a baby and is treated as one. The Pregnant Aunt A young man visits his camera-friendly aunt who is pregnant in her ninth month! She’s very horny though, because she’s neglected by uncle. The nephew on the other hand, fucks her thoroughly! Pregnant Pleasures – When daddy can’t get his dick up a house mate jumps in. His special recipe makes daddy hard again and together they fuck the pregnant woman. Big Mama -150 Kg of fleshy mass gets squeezed and fucked. Two junior seamen are playing with her. You’ll be astonished by their sex tricks! Miss Shape A sensation. the fattest (176 kg) young Danish girl in action with two big-dicked students. Only they forgot the car jack to lift her huge tits! Big Busty A legendary, fat negro mamma is in white-hot sex action. The young reporter doesn’t know what happens to him as she and her insatiable sex appetite make him cum. Try Miss Shape – Miss Shape (topping 176 kg on the scales) is a real sex phenomena; incredibly horny and with a refined sex fantasy. (500.36 MB)

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