Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 22

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Hot little redhead Ariel Storm is home alone and horny. She calls up three guys to come over for a gangbang. Unfortunately, her small dicked husband Gabriel comes home first. He’s depressed because he just lost his job. Rather than comfort him like a wife should, Ariel demolishes the last of his ego by telling him about her plans to get fucked. Ariel greets her three guests like a good hostess; with hugs and kisses while wearing see-thru lingerie. All three guys mock her ever more humiliated husband. She orders him to lie on the floor, and then sits on his face. As Gabriel licks her pussy, the lovers’ pants come off.

Ariel is thrilled to have three big, hard cocks waving in her face and she eagerly takes them in her mouth. She gives incredible blowjobs, even managing to deepthroat the biggest dick. Gabriel’s groans of protest are drowned out by the moans of ecstasy coming from the other participants in this kinky gathering! Soon, Gabriel is made to watch as his wife gets fucked by all of the men. She screams with pleasure as her body gets used and she orgasms repeatedly. Her pussy swallows up their cocks in one position after another. The men never let up their verbal humiliation of the husband, but Ariel is too busy servicing their cocks to waster her breath. When each guy finally cums, they blast their loads in and on her pummeled pussy. Ariel commands her demoralized husband to lick up each nasty creampie. He does so, and even licks up his own sperm after she allows him to cum on her feet!

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