Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 6

The stunningly gorgeous Italian goddess AMANDA EMINO tells her wimpy husband, Freddy Baxter, the truth about their relationship. She only married him for his money and his puny dick can’t satisfy her. While they lie naked in bed, she calmly dismantles the remnants of his dignity. She’s already locked his pathetic cock in a CHASTITY DEVICE and proceeds to berate him and it. In her sexy, husky voice she tells him she’s going to bring her lover over and fuck the lover in front of him. She orders Freddy to get her ready. Desperate to save their marriage, Freddy obeys. He tries to get her horny by first sucking her big tits, then her pussy. All the while, he tells her how beautiful she is and tries to get her to admit that she’s just kidding. Amanda gets bored of his whining and SITS ON HIS FACE. She makes him lick her asshole and stick his tongue deep inside her. Freddy goes to work WORSHIPPING HER FEET and SUCKING HER TOES as she calls her lover to set up their rendezvous. She puts her husband on a leash and makes him dress her for her date, then orders him to wait on his hands and knees while until she returns. (1.41 GB)

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