Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 9

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Harmony returns, more beautiful, more aggressive, dominant and verbally abusive than ever. And this time you have the chance to see it all bigger, longer and uncut. This is by far one of the hottest, well produced and edited videos we have ever made. There is so much intense sex and variety of action. Each individual scene is enough to get you off, and you can probably masturbate to each individual scene or watch the whole thing as one long movie. Either way, you are going to cum a lot watching this video – we guarantee it!

Here we present the first affair of hot wife Harmony in her marriage with wimpy husband Freddy. While he’s chained to the bed, Harmony tells Freddy that she’s been fantasizing about her personal trainer Frank… and she intends to act on it. Freddy is appalled, but Harmony relentlessly badgers him to give his approval. She TICKLES him until he gives in. She tells him that he’ll have to sit by and watch her get fucked, that he’ll have to EAT FRANK’S CUM OUT OF HER PUSSY. Freddy tries to object, but when it comes to his wife, resistance is futile!

Pressing her advantage, Harmony also makes Freddy accept her FUCKING HIS BOSS at work. He tries to tell her no, but she starts SUCKING and TEASING HIS COCK, driving him into a frustrated frenzy. This intense POV BLOWJOB is made even hotter as Harmony verbally coaxes and humiliates until he agrees.

When Freddy finally gives in, she drops his dick and climbs into a triumphant FACESITTING position. She SMOTHERS her husband under her pussy while berating him for being such a loser. She FILES HER NAILS while Freddy struggles for breath. Freddy whimpers in humiliating defeat as she calls up Frank to schedule a special appointment.

As if he wasn’t demolished enough, Harmony then locks his limp dick into a CHASTITY DEVICE. DURING A VERY HOT POV SCENE WHILE SHE IS PUTTING ON THE CHASTITY DEVICE, SHE LOOKS YOU IN THE EYE AND ASKS “Who’s cock does this belong to? Who owns this cock? I do. When you married me, you gave it to me!”

Then she lays back and lights up a CIGARETTE AND SMOKES while Freddy licks her pussy, all the while verbally abusing him, making him confess he wants her to fuck another man. She BLOWS SMOKE in Freddy’s face (AS WELL AS YOUR FACE DURING THE POV SMOKING SCENE) as she tells him she wants to be relaxed and wet for Frank’s huge cock.

FACESITTING continues in the bathroom as Harmony applies her MAKE-UP. Freddy lays his head on a chair as Harmony’s ass bounces and grinds on his face. She then makes him fetch her dress and teases him with the KEY TO THE CHASTITY DEVICE hanging around her neck.

Later, she returns home with her trainer Frank, who laughs uncontrollably at the site of Freddy, pathetic and naked except for his stainless steel chastity clamp. As Freddy kneels before them, Harmony rips down Frank’s pants and SWALLOWS HIS MASSIVE COCK! Even as she’s giving an INCREDIBLE BLOWJOB, Harmony still manages to verbally abuse her husband for having a penis so inferior to the one she’s pleasuring with her mouth and hands.

Then Harmony PULLS OUT A MEASURING TAPE to further humiliate her husband and MEASURES FRANK’s huge cock (Both in length and width)! While she is sucking Frank’s cock she is talking to you also telling you to lick the other side with her, coaxing you into sucking Frank’s big cock with her sharing it.

She teases Freddy even more by taunting him with Frank’s cock, asking if he wants to suck it with her and makes him REPEAT IT OUT LOUD! Then she makes him LICK HER FEET, AND LICK HER PUSSY while her head bobs up and down Frank’s big cock.

To make sure Freddy gets the message of what a TOTAL LOSER he is, Frank starts FUCKING HARMONY WHILE SHE’S TRAMPLING HIM! Freddy winces in physical and psychological pain as Harmony’s stocking feet grind into his chest. From Freddy’s perspective and hot POV camera angles, YOU GET TO FEEL LIKE THE HUSBAND and see Frank’s gigantic COCK POUNDING HARMONY’S PUSSY, and Harmony looking down at you, screaming in pleasure and raging at you for being such a pathetic cuckold wimp.

The fucking continues in the bedroom, Frank plowing Harmony doggy style while Freddy meekly looks on. More POV close-ups of Harmony, her beautiful eyes piercing your soul as she spews ego-crushing VERBAL ABUSE. Her eyes roll and she howls ecstatically from the big cock driving into her. Franks lies back and Harmony climbs on top. As she bounces and grinds on that cock, she first makes Freddy LICK HER CLIT from underneath her while Frank fucks her doggy style, then she spins around and makes him LICK HER ASSHOLE as she rides Frank’s huge cock. Freddy’s tongue probes her as Frank’s cock pounds away just an inch from his nose.

Then more COCK SUCKING and MORE DOGGY STYLE. Harmony makes Freddy lie under her to lick her pussy and get an up-close view of Frank slamming into her. She rattles and shakes his chastity locked dick, eventually unlocking it so she can play with it unprotected. She SLAPS HIS DICK, repeatedly making him howl in agony. That dick can’t compare to the one that’s fucking her to orgasm. Frank fucks Harmony missionary style while poor, suffering Freddy watches. Harmony screams as FRANK CUMS INSIDE AND ON HER PUSSY. This is REAL CUM!

More POV as Harmony spreads her hole open to show you the huge, thick load. You know you want it, she tells you. Freddy moves in and obeys Harmony’s command to LICK UP FRANK’S CUM. THIS IS REAL CREAM PIE EATING! She REVERSE FACESITS Freddy to make sure all the jizz completely drips out of her and into his mouth. She grinds her ass, smearing the juice on his face, while telling him how pathetic he is, how his only job from now on will be to eat other men’s cum out of her.

In fact, she may not even let him cum ever again. Freddy cries and begs for her to allow him to cum. When she finally relents, she barely touches his cock before he launches a huge load all over himself. She then rubs it in his face and makes him lick it off her finger

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