Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 7

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Wow! All the girls we bring you in our Cuckold Fantasies line are hot. But Savannah Stern is extremely hot! A compact bundle of ferocious sexuality that had everyone on the set drooling. This petite hottie has new hubby Freddy whipped, wearing stockings, and his manhood locked in the chastity clamp. But that’s just the beginning of the humiliation. As they lie in bed, she tells him that she needs to get fucked by a bigger cock. Freddy resists, trying to cling to the remaining shreds of his dignity. “You know I just married you for your money,” she says, and proceeds to berate him for having such a teeny weenie. As she talks about going out to pick up a guy with a big cock, she really gets turned on, touching herself and gyrating on the bed. Freddy licks her pussy, making her writhe and moan even as she continues to tell him how pathetic he is. She bends Freddy over her lap for an enthusiastic SPANKING! Still in denial, Freddy says, “We’re just pretending, right sweetie?” and her reply is “Shut the fuck up!” He helps her into a sexy black dress and spiked heels (kissing and worshiping her feet in the process). Then she comes out with a huge WHIP. Freddy kneels while Savannah delivers a few welt-raising lashes. But she’s impatient for real cock and is soon out the door. And guess who she brings home with her. None other than regular cuckolding super-stud Frank Towers! They both laugh when they see the naked and humiliated Freddy come to greet him. “I fucked his ex-wife!” he claims. “I can never satisfy them,” Freddy admits as he kneels before his wife and Frank!!! (1.46 GB)

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