Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 5

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NAOMI. THE HOTTEST NEW NAME IN THE ADULT INDUSTRY AND STARS IN HER FIRST CUCKOLD VIDEO!!! And she takes to the world of domination and humiliation like she was born for it. Her every move redefines sexy. Her intensity and passion and love of sex is unbelievable. Her body and beauty and unmatched. Then there is her sugar daddy husband, Sammy. How much degradation can one mortal man take? What he willingly suffers to hold on to his sexy, young Trophy Wife is almost too pathetic to watch. And he brings it on himself. How? By watching a Roman Video! Naomi gets so turned on by the cuckold action that she suggests they do it too. Then she insists. Then she pouts. Then she demands! She’s the ULTIMATE DEMANDING SPOILED PRINCESS who knows how to get any man to do her bidding. especially her weak-willed, weenie husband who quickly caves in. (1.45 GB)

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