The Best Of Gianna Michaels

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Legendary porn Goddess Gianna Michaels unleashes her luscious flesh and GIGANTIC REAL TITS in this amazing compilation of four facesitting videos.Four scenes with four POVs of Gianna barking orders at you as she shakes her ass and breasts in your face. She makes you follow on your knees as she marches to her bed. In her scenes with Slaves Boyd and Jonesy, Mistress Gianna proves her dominance with such extreme FACESITTING and ASS WORSHIP that should teach a class. She TIT SMOTHERS her enslaved minions, and beats her boobs against their faces.She bounces her considerate weight on their poor heads, handcuffs them, whips them with a riding crop. She crushes them with vicious VERBAL HUMILIATION. She cracks their skulls with SIDE SADDLE FACESITTING and squeezes their heads between her powerful thighs. She laughs as they try to gasp for breath under her pussy and ass. She SMOTHERS them to the with her body and then punishes them for slacking off. She grinds on their wet faces, screaming with MULTIPLE ORGASMS. (894.14 MB)

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